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IKEA restauant Reccomended 5menu


IKEA of restaurant addition to enjoy a meal, I recommend even to break the stop by to shopping Between. But I which menu you would be wondering whether good. In this page, what menu of IKEA Restaurant (Food Court) and the bistro (first floor checkout counter back) is I will introduce or deals for.

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Recommended first time people eds number round of people to go to IKEA classic

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1st Plate about 600 yen at the 1-position
It is plate of seasonal to first normally recommended. I can enjoy the appetizer platter of the season such as Christmas plate.
2nd Swedish meatballs five ¥ 399 to 20 799 yen
It seems IKEA eaten together with lingonberry jam and potato dishes
Five in 5 multiple increments of, ten, fifteen, I have been sold in 20. Unit price basis to ¥ 70, ¥ 60, ¥ 47, is 40 yen. Amount of garnish I the same, but who of course often is profitable.
3rd IKEA Breakfast 299 yen!
Than anything it is deals with the drink.
4th curry rice 249 yen
Normally delicious curry is cheap.
5 Drink bar 120 yen
Many cups to drink also OK, 120 yen It is cheap. It is people often around the store and from first to buy.

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Those who want people eds easily finished you are familiar

1st curry rice piled high
2nd fries piled high
3rd Swedish meatballs 15, 20
4th salmon lemon & dill sauce 699 yen
5th Kids curry, Kids meatballs 199 yen
Friendly for children IKEA

When go to IKEA You know I feel that somehow stop at a restaurant, but often many people for the number of stores is less come aiming only IKEA. On the other hand recently Costco, we have eliminated the need stick to restaurants of Shinmisato and station near the Tachikawa such as in IKEA that opens a store next to the LaLaport. And finished with snacks in IKEA, do you think that it is also good to go there if there is other delicious shop.

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First floor of the snack food bar, bistro Recommended

Hot dog 100 yen (150 yen drink separately ¥ 50 Bar), soft cream 50 yen. This much only have so wish me recommend.Soft cream and strawberries in a seasonal, you will be a mix of such Marron. Is 100 yen. There cheese dog 180 yen, but say at great feeling and plain dog Ichi択. Let’s put taste in topping.

Featured Sweden Food Market

Recommended jam, chocolate
There is also a bread and sausage hot dog that is out in the bistro as well!

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