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IKEA How to use the IKEA PAX as cupboard


I think kitchen storage there is a faction that show the Ha hide, but my house is a faction that hide.
Cupboard of TOYO KITCHEN I was cool like a container, but not mean any rate price is,,,. It is IKEA customers’ turn.

IKEA PAX is designed for closet. But it is able to use cupboards.

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Sliding doors are many kinds available.


Compatibility with stainless kitchen also excellent
Because freedom shelf of position, application of the cupboard will listen.

Originally was proposed to fill up the refrigerator part one of three lens elements, such as partitions in sliding door, and the higher partition itself to this it is there and that must be prepared cupboards in addition, once in I introduced the IKEA PAX to solve this problem. I think whether was around 97,000 yen in this configuration.

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The configuration of the IKEA PAX is simple. Frame + sliding doors + shelf-drawer

IKEA PAX standard
Frame standard
Width 500mm / 750mm / 1,000mm / 2,000mm
Height 2,100mm / 2,360mm
Depth 350mm / 580mm
(It becomes + 80mm it is possible to put a sliding door)

Standard of sliding door
Width 500mm / 750mm / 1,000mm
Height 2,100mm / 2,360mm

We will create a combination of these. Always plan after considering such as “IKEA furniture that certainly before the 3 to be done to purchase” Let’s run. It should not be bought by advancing appropriately. You love to later great eye. The In the actual assembly “IKEA PAX! Assembly and preparation used as an assembly cupboard“, we have introduced such as drilling at the time of draw electrical outlet.

Well it is the contents of the PAX …

I open the left side of the door. Storage such as Toshiba of steam oven and an electric kettle. This is the heat, but the back is closer to the wall is not a problem. Heat is available by providing a free side and a top surface.

Door when you use at high temperatures such as oven leave open. Originally PAX in the closet, and has been reinforced is L-shaped bracket with four that I bought at 90 yen / piece at IKEA but it does not bear the weight of the oven because not in the cupboard. Although I’m a plastic to say that bracket.

Under the oven It seems closet parts
Coffee, It is convenient drawer To accommodate the things fine, etc. and tea.

The following is the door side of the right-hand side.
From left, coffee maker, espresso machine, is the rice cooker. Is on top of the rice cooker you need to open a larger amount in the above relationship. Of course, the door is used to open for moisture confined during cooking. Because enough to wet it and water droplets top plate of the top blows do not like that fall seems okay without wipe.

PAX inner is a thing of height 2360mm width 2000mm Depth 660mm.
Depth 660mm, is located as ceiling lowers the ceiling of the installation location of the cupboard in height 2400mm. Ceiling falling because the kitchen part has fallen down in part of 180mm pool is also 180mm.

Assembly of PAX case under the ceiling of the inner 2400mm I was no problem, but it was hooked by issuing the front because it was not possible to hook the door anyhow. While normally I supposed assembled under 2400mm ceiling.
Once, I leave written as refuse. Notes from after PAX is not intended to use as a cupboard. .
Even so, free of top of the refrigerator I guess is what it is not somehow.

I will add written also as long request so you have a lot of those who are you been examined in the review.

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