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IKEA PAX use as an assembly cupboard! Assembly and preparation


Saturday delivery of the week, we assembled a cupboard asked to help a friend.

How can that let assembled in adult three people, of that let’s assembled by two people outside the body, one in How can be assembled, this notation only matching in three large. , It is impossible when amateur is not a three and the maximum variety of sizes that are assembled,,,

3 deep emotion you might took about five hours.
Kitchen 18cm is lower, I have a 258cm-to-ceiling.
Partial enter part of PAX enters, whose only depth minute I 18cm is lower
The ceiling height of 240cm, in the case of out it was not able to catch the sliding door.
The hook and pull in front, and push back.
Naa funny. The committed and I thought wrote to me are assembled in an upright position as long 240cm.

Outlet position is also oven and rice cooker, it was not specify a height for the coffee maker.
It is now perfectly take the power to cut out the plate.

I think if Some people you know, but the called PAX of IKEA’m a closet originally, but it is used as cupboard in the house.
Well I is proposed from the House manufacturers and architectural firm something like aluminum sliding door to hide the front of the cupboard, but when this but it becomes 200 000 yen over, it must not be a do not buy a cupboard in further. Half price if IKEA PAX is resolved shelf of problem even less (such a usage is not intended in IKEA).

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