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Hideout in Tokyo, Otemachi Tower THE CAFE by AMAN(Tokyo Japan)


A supreme resort hotel, the world’s first cafe AMAN Resorts handles and THE CAFE by AMAN appeared in OOTEMORI/ forest at Otemachi in Tokyo. THE CAFE by AMAN met the open day, June 1th with developed forest as well as construction in the Otemachi tower AMAN TOKYO.

The luxury cafe where I pause quietly in a forest in optical camouflage downtown

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In a business district in Ootemachi a little way from Tokyo station, with suddenness, the forest appears. Though a table on the terrace of establishing as an annex interrupts the sight from the passerby around a wide forest and is in downtown moderately by the sense in the forest, a sense of whether you went to a summer retreat is remembered. Hideout in the city?


It’s modern wood interior with black. The forest which is Otemachi from inside of store of large opening, it itself, green light is poured. Indeed resort in the city. Sensuously, the image which went to the luxury resort at a forest in Karuizawa (There are no modern resorts in Karuizawa actually.)


The view from open kitchen is special. A kitchen mat with veins, cutlery and offered mineral water are P.R.I.M.V.S , and if, the feel of a material and the quality are best, and space making excellent in quality can be understood from each construct. The number of seats is all 57 seats, and 25 seats of terrace and in the store entertain the person who comes a counter at the included 32 seats.

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You can spend abundant time beyond the price.


I have the menu of 3500 yen I didn’t have on the day behind FOREST of 1600 yen and LEAF of 2500 yen for lunch set menu. 1600 yen, from a tortilla wrap sandwich, panini. A dessert can be chosen for 700 yen. When it’ll be 2500 yen, spaghetti alla carbonara salad is added by an appetizer.


A crepe is a specialty. Combination of the salmon of items and the sauce which aren’t on the menu is exquisite.

A cost performance ratio as time value is high.


The value of the restaurant is “Value of the dish” and “Time when that can be sensed”.

Time value compares the price with the taste obtained at the restaurant, a obtained experience there and an impression, and may be evaluation to be expensive. Office worker ordinary lunch and the value of being able to experience the highest rank rank by a low price as the taste, the material ax level feeling and moreover Japanese hotel lunch to draw the line. The value of the case enter stay outside the company casually and moreover that this is AMAN is very high.


The open sand is also good. All dishes are excellent in quality and possible good of the offered place and hardware can wait for the look and enjoy time best fully. After it’s different from the menu printed in the day on the day, but there is also preparation, and the one of the sillago delights and the menu is change in adaptation to circumstances and is also skillful at a chef. I’m satisfied with elegant seasoning.

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Reservation is unnecessary but attention is needed.


Reservation is unnecessary anytime and luxury resort AMAN can enjoy itself anytime. Lunch thinks it isn’t also put in at 12:00 when it isn’t put in by timing at 11:00, and is apparent because this is sale in this cafe, but present is just after the opening. Reservation isn’t made, but a guest seems able to get reservation, and it’s different from a general waiting line and it seems that a general visitor is shown.


When not putting it in at 11:00, the waiting time was 1 hour-about 1 hour and a half.

A table on the terrace can’t be used for the time of rainy weather, so such as not putting it in lunch by congestion by the weather, it’s possible. Use needs room of temporal room and a heart, and please be also careful of the weather.

14 more lunch has finished: After 30 is switched over to an afternoon tea box of 2500 yen. The type in which the dish which elaborated about 10 kinds of small ideas for the dish cut and divided into four equals this. This hand is a recent trend, isn’t it?

There is a face at night in the evening. The isolated house by which a separateness was done at a forest is isolated from the surrounding pother and seems able to be satisfied with quiet time. It may be better to enjoy adult time quietly at night in Ote-machi.

11:00~22:00(Saturday Sunday ~21:00)
Lunch time 11:00~ 14:30 Tea time 14:30~17:00 Dinner time 17:00~

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