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IKEA 3 things to be always done before IKEA furniture purchase


Note If you buy the IKEA cupboard or closet

Pantry of IKEA PAX, used as a cupboard in the kitchen is often number of searches.
In fact our house even in such home, and I was thinking that it might be diverted to that cool large closet somehow in the cupboard. How to achieve, at the time we remember was less much illustration. Furniture that assumes self build, such as IKEA cheap, instead to choose a free combination, assembly and installation is self-responsibility (my soon).

We have documented what to do to in order to failed not.

Three points that I want to do always
1. I imagine the finish
2. Draw a rough so nice handwriting
3. I to investigate the height and depth of the shelf

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1. I imagine the finish

First, you need to imagine how to become what finish. What if things of storage is needed, either to the same place, What is the height, outlet consider how to secure. If you can place the image determines the naturally shelf number and is equipped with functions to be (such as the position of the pipe as long as it is a number or closet drawer in the case of shelf).


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2. Draw a rough so nice handwriting

And, always, whether to become what finish, let’s draw a picture. The Tteyuu rough is also known as the rough image by the rough sketch, but it is a rough schematic. For example, happens to how much as a whole and Toka or become a size of, let’s determine the approximate configuration. In the case of PAX I also of that PAX PLANNER, but above all easy faster towards the overwhelmingly handwriting.

It is the following image actually wrote. You write what to put in the.
In the case of out, microwave oven is required, rice cooker, which put such as Nespresso (espresso maker), will determine whether there should be when shelf to how much of the height from his stature write what you were Ko~tsu. Then, the number of shelves, (determined by the weight of the loaded ones) thickness, determines the items such as drawer.

3. I to investigate the height and depth of the shelf

This is actually the most important. And say why, shelf of 220cm at the ceiling height 220cm will not fit. I do not fall shelf of 210cm in some cases.
Please imagine the length of the diagonal of the rectangle. Height and depth, the length of this diagonal will be longer, depending on the depth. When the depth of the shelf is longer, you will not be able to make a furniture that was assembled in the room. To avoid this, you can either know the length of the diagonal, it’s no addition to assemble while standing. In order to fail and you do not return also, always, please check whether be built in also examine who depth.

Please do always even these tasks troublesome.
Picture there is no need to good. By making the rough sketch, you can embody Become what equipment.

Espresso machine in my home, juicer mixer, rice cooker, such as steam oven range and decided to try to put at the height of the shelves of 850mm from the floor. From there, the required outlet position, height of 900mm center of the outlet from the floor. Outlet makes it possible to specify precisely the like placed sideways.

In addition, as seen in more brome than shelf (in the bird’s-eye view), from the arrangement of the refrigerator, and I think that it can keep a sense of unity by the image all of the sequence in cross-section. It is a good way to prevent shopping leakage.

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